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Another state joins BLM lawsuit

A multi-state lawsuit against the U.S. Bureau of Land Management recently gained a new appendage: Utah. According to Oil and Gas 360, Governor Gary Herbert announced his state’s move to join Colorado, North Dakota and Wyoming in a suit challenging new Bureau’s new regulations on fracking federal lands, which he posited oversteps federal authority and undermines states’ power.

“I believe that states have done a very good job of regulating hydraulic fracturing themselves,” Gov. Herbert told O&G 360. “I don’t believe that we need an extra layer of oversight. I think it becomes redundant and just expensive and more costly when it comes to producing energy.”

Gov. Herbert’s energy advisor, Cody Stewart, said the laws would duplicate laws that are already in place, adding unnecessary hoops to jump through.

“After taking some time to really look over the law, we decided that it was flawed,” Stewart said. “From a pragmatic point of view, this legislation duplicates laws that are already in place, adds unnecessary timelines and will hurt development. From a legal point of view, we think that the BLM does not have the authority to enforce these regulations.”

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