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ND House overrides governor’s oil trust fund veto

BISMARCK, N.D. — Republican Gov. Jack Dalrymple and the GOP-led Legislature are at odds over how earnings should be budgeted from the state’s trust fund for oil taxes.

The Legislature passed a measure this session that bars the governor from considering money from the fund’s principal when crafting budgets.

Dalrymple vetoed the legislation but the House voted 67-23 Monday to override the veto. It now goes to the Senate.

North Dakota voters approved the Legacy Fund in 2010. The fund gets 30 percent of the state’s oil and gas tax collections. None of the money can be spent until 2017, and only then if the Legislature decides by a two-thirds vote to dip into it.

The fund is expected to top $3 billion this month.

In related news, ND House leaders agree to proposed oil tax bill amendments.

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  1. Keep your filthy paws off the Legacy Fund.

  2. Greedy bastards!!! That’s all these states are worried about is that tax dollar to blow. I say we cap them all and tell them to go fluff them selfs??????????????

  3. It’s called being responsible …. Government will waste it on another failed program