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Digital rendering of the proposed Williston Crossing development. (Image courtesy of Stropiq)

Williston to take jurisdiction over $500 million development

WILLISTON, N.D. — A Swiss company planning a $500 million development on Williston’s outskirts likely will need to get a building permit from the city rather than the county.

The city has notified Williams County that it plans to exercise its 1-mile extraterritorial jurisdiction, meaning the Williston Crossing project proposed by the international real estate company Stropiq will fall under city jurisdiction.

The Williams County Commission last week approved the project, but there was debate about the company’s chosen location. Williston Mayor Howard Klug said he wished Stropiq had chosen a site within city limits.

Klug told the Williston Herald that the city’s move to exercise extraterritorial jurisdiction isn’t aimed at just that project, which is to include more than 1 million square feet of retail, entertainment, office and hotel space.

“This is about the future of the city of Williston, and what’s going on in the extraterritorial jurisdiction,” he said. “If and when we annex it, we want to make sure it’s something we can bring into the city to our standards.”

Klug cited as an example two crew camps located on property that the city recently annexed. They had to be retrofitted with expensive sprinkler systems and two of the camps were shut down after missing the deadline. One of them has sued.

Stropiq co-founder Terry Olin said he hopes the city isn’t targeting the Williston Crossing project.

“We like to believe our city officials are above that,” he said.

Williams County Chairman David Montgomery said he also hopes the city gives the Williston Crossing project “a fair shake.”

“It’s clear to me that they want to do this right,” he said. “They’re not just coming here to get the property and leave. I see nothing but positive with the project.”

In related news, $500 million development on Williston’s outskirts approved.

Information from: Williston Herald, http://www.willistonherald.com

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  1. Do it before they look at oil prices-

  2. The city is a 100 million in debt from what they already annexed and begging the state for money. They cannot even take care of what they have already annexed.

    And they want more they cannot afford? ? Sheesh.

    Excuse me while I bang my head on the keyboard and go back to work. Sheesh.

  3. Agree Dan. Before approved I’d want assurances that the taxpayers won’t be on the hook if this collapses.

  4. Hey guys you must not believe most of the comments on this site, it is just a normal slowdown, it’s an industry not a boom, oil will be $200 by the end of summer. Let them keep dreaming right up till the bank takes it all away and the property owners will be left holding the bag on all the unneeded spending by the city government.

  5. Lol oil will be to 200 a barrel at the end of summer….keep your hopes and reality separate, it’s why we have 2 hands. He is right, it is an industry, just with buy and sell demand. Too bad everybody else is selling too while the market is over saturated.

  6. Hope it goes through soon. Short season

  7. It will be closer To 20 dollars a bbl than 200 by end of summer