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Digital rendering of the proposed Williston Crossing development. (Image courtesy of Stropiq)

$500 million development on Williston’s outskirts approved

WILLISTON, N.D. — The Williams County Commission has narrowly approved a proposed $500 million development on the outskirts of Williston, after debate about the chosen location.

The Williston Crossing project proposed by the international real estate company Stropiq is to include more than 1 million square feet of retail, entertainment, office and hotel space just north of the oil patch hub.

The commission this week voted 3-2 to approve the project, with the no votes coming from commissioners who think the proposed location is flawed, the Williston Herald reported.

“We’re the ones who will have to deal with this if it fails,” Commissioner Martin Hanson said. “It’s a pie in the sky. And I don’t think it’s nearly as visionary as it is delusional.”

Williston Mayor Howard Klug said there are hundreds of shovel-ready areas within city limits where Swiss-based Stropiq could build its development.

“I want (Stropiq co-founder Terry Olin) to put his money in the right spot in the community, in places that are already ready to go,” Klug said.

Olin said the location was picked by experts to give the development the best chance of success, and that Williston Crossing will make the region a “cooler place to live.”

“You have all heard it before — ‘I could not get my family to live here because it’s missing something,'” he said. “You know what that something is? It’s retail and entertainment.”

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Information from: Williston Herald, http://www.willistonherald.com

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  1. Haha. Really? They might not want to put all their eggs in this basket.

  2. Dayne Mailloux Anthony Scott Parker

  3. How much is the developer putting upfront and how much is he bonding for?

  4. They better wait and see what this oil price is gonna do. 1000’s of people have been let go here in Oklahoma. I’ve put in about 17 years in this field and it’s been very rewarding but if I lose my job over the price of oil I think I’m gonna go in a different direction and get out of the oil business. Too many politics now days and not a president that’s for the working middle class America. I don’t see a presidential candidate running in the next election that’s gonna change anything either. I think we are in for a long hard battle in the oil and gas sector. I pray for all of you.

  5. Nothing for families in Williston is why I moved my family to Minot when we came up.

  6. Will it be truck friendly? Frac truckers need to buy stuff too

  7. Williston is gonna look like Chernobyl all these empty new buildings hotels

  8. They still want it to be fully leased before they build it. It ain’t gonna happen.

  9. Why not build it where the airport is after they move that

  10. Y’all talk like oil is gone forever. Kids…smh

  11. Karen fahrnkopf – I believe it is close to where the new airport is going.
    Also – retailers have to commit to it or it won’t happen.

  12. And who is gonna work in all these hotels and retail places?

  13. With the oilfield laying off, how many people are actually going to be living, buying there?

  14. Maybe they know something that us common folk don’t!

  15. Will be good for the shopping that the people will do!!

  16. Better make sure basin brokers get all the listings or else this project will not clear the next hurdle.