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San Antonio Industry Breakfast. Image provided by the Railroad Commission of Texas

RRC speaks with confidence on the future of Texas energy

Two commissioners from the Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC) made appearances across Texas Thursday to discuss the impact of energy policy and the future of Texas oil and natural gas.

Railroad Commissioner Ryan Sitton gave a keynote speech in regards to energy policy and the potential for future oil and gas industry growth in Texas and the United States at the San Antonio Petroleum Club.

“The long-term fundamentals for Texas oil and gas producers remain incredibly strong,” Commissioner Sitton stated. “As we look at global production over the last six years, the United States and Texas in particular, have demonstrated an ability to dramatically increase production far surpassing what other global suppliers have been able to achieve.  While current prices are a challenge, the opportunity for the United States to dominate global energy markets will become a reality when we put the right energy policies in place.”

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Additionally, David Porter also made an appearance to make similar points about the future of Texas energy and the current state of the oil and gas industry. During a speech at Texas A&M University School of Law, Commissioner Porter addressed students with confidence in the RRC’s ability to regulate Texas oil and gas. Porter emphasized the importance of the Railroad Commission’s predictable and common-sense oil and gas regulatory oversight in helping keep Texas as the nation’s top oil and gas producer while protecting public safety and the environment.

“Texas is blessed with an abundance of natural resources, but we aren’t the nation’s leading energy producer because of our geology alone.  Regulatory framework matters, and I can’t emphasize this point enough,” Commissioner Porter said. “As Railroad Commissioner, it is my job to make sure industry produces safely and responsibly, and that they are able to do so in the most efficient, economical way possible – without the burden of excessive regulation.”

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