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Gas Flare from Bakken Oil Well of North Dakota. (Getty Images via NewsCred)

Oil company requesting flaring exceptions for 140 oil wells

BISMARCK, N.D. — An oil company is asking the state regulators to grant an exception to North Dakota’s flaring rate requirements for 140 of its oil wells in Dunn and McKenzie counties.

The Bismarck Tribune reports that XTO Energy is arguing it has nowhere to take its gas because gas-processing company OneOK couldn’t secure an easement agreement and build a 20-mile pipeline expansion. OneOK says the pipeline would have moved 40 million cubic feet per day to the company’s Garden Creek gas plant in McKenzie County.

XTO’s request was heard this week by the state’s Oil and Gas Division and will be forwarded to the State Industrial Commission for action. Earlier this week, the commission more clearly defined gas-capture rules, imposing penalties for noncompliance and also establishing flexibility to cover extenuating circumstances.

In related news, Hess Corp. forgiven for not meeting ND flaring goals.

Information from: Bismarck Tribune, http://www.bismarcktribune.com

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  1. Nah! Build a collection pipeline system to a small gas turbine genset and sell electricity to the light company

  2. Why not grant the exception?

    Wind farms are granted 10-year kill permits on endangered and threatened species.

  3. Let it burn! Let’s keep the jobs!!!

  4. Should t be flaring it leave it in the ground its a proven fact if you take the gas out it hurts the oil flow and makes the oil more costly to lift when the zone start loosing pressure (dumb ass) running the show

  5. If I was the mineral rights owner I’d be pissed. No royalties from flared gas..

  6. Drill offset wells, use gas powered generators/pumps to pump it to lower shale level keep formation pressure up which in return will make oil recovery effective rather than just burning billions of dollars up for nothing make use of it. There is no reason all oilfield equipment should be running of LNG by now along with farm equipment in rural areas. It is a great shame & waste to just flare gas & not make any use of it. Might not be time in our lifetime that we need it, next generation might wish they had it make green energy out of it some how some way!

    • The shale formations are impermeable thats why they have to be fracked- Offset wells for injection would have to be fracked too. Gas reinjection in conventional vertical is a common practice but even in a conventional horizontal well is a problem unless the production string is ran along the bottom of the producing formation–

  7. Oh heck no. Capture that gas. I know a good pipeline company.

  8. flaring….wasteful and polluting…puke!!

  9. Justin Schillo, how do you propose you keep a wellbore in the lower shale open?

  10. all you commenting please put up money to build your bright ideas..

  11. the economy is built on waste. if we were effecient people would loose money

  12. 500 compressor stations in 5 years. Can’t happen overnight, mongoloids.

  13. Maybe oneok shouldnt do such shoddy pipeline work and someone would give them access

  14. Companies are working to install the gathering systems to capture this…. Government process has bottle necked the situation.

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