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Halliburton closing Minot facility, transferring many jobs

MINOT, N.D. — Houston-based oil field services company Halliburton is suspending operations at its facility in Minot and transferring many of the jobs there to locations in Williston and Dickinson.

Spokeswoman Susie McMichael says the company will shut down the Minot facility on April 1 due to “changing business needs from its customers.”

Halliburton isn’t saying how many of the Minot employees will be transferred or laid off.

The company said in February that it planned to cut up to 6,400 jobs worldwide in response to low oil prices.

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  1. LOL there is going to be lots of big empty buildings out there!

  2. But let’s spend money on a buyout. Instead of keeping jobs..,)

  3. i was working at baker hughes right next door,as soon as i heard they sold out i walked out and got online looking for jobs.week later they said no jobs would be lost.two weeks later i had found new job.one week later everybody i worked with was being handed the goodbye letter

  4. none of these companies care about none of us.all they want is money for themselves.

  5. They have to. The justice department has told both them and Baker that in order to merge they have to get rid of 6 companies.

  6. No, it’s not a good thing. The government told Att to split 40 years ago into hundreds of little companies. Then, in 40 years, through legal government regulations, they repurchased all the itty bitty companies, and now it’s big Att once again. Yeah, there’s your government. Making lives difficult for NO REASON. Living in Houston, it’s been very bad. This will ripple throughout the country.

  7. WPX close their facilities in Minot and New Town and moved some people to Kill Deer where there is nothing to do. Many employees were cut

  8. They had 1 frac crew and 1 cement crew working out of that yard, not enough revenue being brought in to justify it. Been with them 4 years and am shocked what they’re willing to take away from employees.

  9. All manipulated from within,oil has always been a scam…..to crumble amerika from within….

  10. Hmmmm. They might not last long either.

  11. Our camp merged with grand junction could.

  12. Please God give us one more boom and I promise to save all my money….guess none of us, me included, expected it to hit this fast and this hard….upswing is showing…but I truly feel for all you guys and your families….may Mr. Obama make it right for you….as he has for so many others….

  13. A lot of guys got let go about a month ago I love you buddy I talk to that got laid off they said they were treated pretty humanely they didn’t do any mass drug tests or anything weird they also were offered severance packages they weren’t much but at least they were something

  14. Our prayers go out the the familes of these hard working men and women.

  15. It’s always sad to hear people possibly losing their jobs but companies that base office operation out of a city that is at least 80 miles from where the work is doesn’t seem logical. Fueling tanks every day to commute just to get to where the work is adds up really fast.

    • True. But it’s worth it to avoid the mayhem in Williston. If the company can handle the cost that is. Our company is based in minot. The drive sucks for the guys but it’s what they chose when they moved shop up here. They were given the choice of Williston or minot and they chose minot. The drive is costly though

  16. This is why I laugh every time I hear anyone mention “loyalty to their company”. I just about money on both sides. That’s why I’ll quit a job any day for a decent raise.

  17. Yeah my brother is in a man camp in Williston!

  18. Prayers for the families, this bust has hit us hard! I hope it will stabilize and come around soon , although I fear it will never be anything like it was in the beginning

  19. Everybody is a Number now !!!!

  20. Maybe we should load up and follow the money. Levi Brite, Jeff Napier

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