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Chesapeake and GasFrac team up

Chesapeake Energy Corp. is teaming up with GasFrac Energy Services Inc. to test out waterless fracking on one of its oil wells in Ohio.

The well, located in Tuscarawas County, is in early stages of testing, stated Chesapeake.  Chris Doyle, executive vice president of operations for Chesapeake’s northern division, explained how the company wants to test “the waters” so to speak, and see if waterless fracking can benefit their operations:

One of our partners (EV Energy Partners) attempted to use the technology … We’re using that technology and we want to test that out and see if it could drive additional value.

Doyle reiterated that the well is still in its very early stages and that it is unclear as of yet if waterless fracking is something Chesapeake would use in the future.  However, this opportunity is a huge positive for the future of waterless fracking and for Chesapeake, whose technology is considered the best chance yet to solve the issue surrounding fracking.

Based in Calgary, Alberta, GasFrac did extremely well late last year when it began testing its first waterless fracking well.  EV Energy teamed up with GasFrac and fracked a well in Tuscarawas County using liquid butane and mineral oil.

The idea of waterless fracking is extremely appealing due to the issues fracking has caused regarding health and environmental impacts along with the extreme amounts of water it uses.  Not having to use water would not only limit health and environmental concerns and water shortages, but would also be a cost- and operational-effective alternative for oil and gas companies.

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