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You could be an extra on the set of “Deepwater Horizon”

Are you an oil worker in southern Louisiana? Do you want to be on the big screen? The perfect opportunity is coming your way, and it could mean the chance to be on set with Hollywood star Mark Wahlberg.

Pre-production is currently underway for “Deepwater Horizon,” which will focus on the events leading up to and during the disastrous 2010 spill in the Gulf of Mexico. According to The Advocate, a realistic offshore oil rig set is under construction in Chalmette, Louisiana. Production costs for the film are estimated at about $156 million.

Although the film recently underwent a director switch—Peter Berg has replaced J.C. Chandor, who originally signed on the for the project—the film is still set to hit theaters on September 20, 2016. Before on-set production can begin, however, the filmmakers are looking for real rig workers to double as extras on set. Those hope is that it will make the film more authentic and avoid that typical Hollywood feel.

If you aren’t an oil worker but still hope to share a set with Wahlberg, don’t despair. The director for Central Casting Louisiana in New Orleans, Adam Hochfeld, noted that they will also need real members of the Coast Guard and merchant marine sailors to fulfill roles and maintain the genuine atmosphere in the movie.

Although filming doesn’t start until May, production will span across the southern part of the state, rather than be confined to one city. Todd Lewis, production manager for “Deepwater Horizon,” believes several hundred extras will be needed in the process of making the blockbuster movie, which could mean the opportunity for extra income during a nationwide slowdown in the oil and gas industry.

If you’re interested in being part of the film, send your name, phone number, city of residence and your industry experience and job title to deepwater@centralcasting.com.


  1. i work off shore for moncaw company I would love to do this it would a great deal to show how offshore real works and the people that lists there life working offshore my phone number is 1337-384-4520 Lyon point louisiana 70559 please add me to casting i have been working 4 yeArs with offshore company

  2. I have been working on the rigs for 6 years Id love to do this such a great opportunity with all the lay offs I’ve worked floors motors and Derricks for 2 1/2 years any other questions email me I’m in you found what you are looking for lol

  3. I’ve been the offshore oil industry for 18 yrs. I’m currently a drilling consultant but worked for Transocean when the Horizion incident happened. I was one of the drillers who drilled the relief well for the Macando 252 (horizon well). I would love to be apart of the cast. Victoria Tx. (361)676-7107

  4. My name is christopher Boyd, I live in Texarkana Texas. I have worked on the oil rigs for 9.5 years now and currently a driller. I would like to be added to the cast. My number is 903-244-4049

  5. I have 10yrs experience in the oilfield on drilling rigs I am from Monterey Louisiana I also went to school and knew Wyatt kemp. One of the floorhands killed on the rig. I also go to church with Wyman wheeler the pusher that was injured in the rig explosion. I would love to be a oilfield hand needed for the movie contact me at roughneck28@outlook.com or by phone 601-431-6058 or 318-376-5985

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