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Senate fails to override Obama’s veto of pipeline bill

WASHINGTON — The Senate on Wednesday failed to override President Barack Obama’s veto of a bill to construct the Keystone XL pipeline, the first of many confrontations between the Republican-controlled Congress and the White House this year over energy policy.

The 62-37 vote is expected to be one of many veto showdowns between Republicans and Obama in his final term. Already, the White House has issued more than a dozen veto threats on legislation.

Proponents of the Keystone bill have said since its introduction that they didn’t have the two-thirds of the Senate vote needed to override Obama’s veto. They fell four votes short. They’ve already been discussing other way to force the pipeline’s approval, either by attaching it onto must-pass spending bills or other, broader, energy legislation.

“If we don’t win the battle today, we will win the war because we will find another bill to attach this pipeline to,” said Sen. John Hoeven, R-N.D., the chief sponsor of the bill, before the vote.

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell pleaded with Democrats for more support of a bill that he said advanced the president’s own priorities.

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“If you’re interested in jobs and infrastructure and saving your party from an extreme mistake, then join us,” he said. “Vote with us to override a partisan veto and help the president pursue priorities he’s advocated in the past.”

Obama has repeatedly resisted Congress’ attempts to force his hand. His veto of the bill, the third of his presidency, said that the bill circumvented longstanding and proven processes for determining whether cross-border pipelines serve the national interest and cuts short consideration of its effects.

The $8 billion project would transport oil extracted from Canada’s tar sands to pipelines linked to Gulf Coast refineries.

Environmentalists have framed the pipeline as a test of Obama’s commitment to address climate change, arguing that it would open up a path for tar sands oil to get to market. Republicans have pushed the pipeline as a job-creating infrastructure project that will supply the U.S. with oil from a friendly neighbor, rather than unstable regimes.

The State Department’s analysis found that the oil would be harvested regardless of whether the pipeline is built, a conclusion that the EPA said needed to be re-examined given low oil prices. The same review said the pipeline would create thousands of jobs during construction, but ultimately it would require 35 permanent employees.


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  1. They have alot of BLOOD on their hands

  2. can we post the 37 who voted against America?

  3. Drop the political crap for a minute and look at reality
    There are over 100,000 laid off in the US oil industry that need the veto and if you support US oil field workers you would support the veto too– the K-XL would only delay their returning back to work
    The K-XL was a Canadian pipeline to be built by a Canadian company-TransCanada across the US to a foreign owned refinery that is a designated foreign trade zone for refining and exporting foreign crude —

    —–REALITY– The US oil industry in recession , 640 rigs stacked, more than 100,000 laid off due to the global glut in oil. OPEC has dropped price below US production cost because the US oil boom caused a glut. And the K-XL would add Canada crude to the glut – increasing and prolonging the glut– delaying the recovery of the US oil industry. I t was irresponsible for Congress to put their Canadian interest before the interests of the people working in US oil. 100,000 already layed off – more than twice the 42,000 jobs promised by the K-XL. and the recession has just started. The last OPEC power play in ’87 laid off 264,000 in the first yr, the loss of jobs caused a nation wide recession.

    A veto by Obama was one of the few things he has done right.
    It would be irresponsible for Congress to over ride http://oilpro.com/post/10193/us-drilling-free-fall-we-now-forecast-an-800-rig-decline—

    • yep it always bout you poor oil rig peeps being laid off, what bout us iron workers who would have a chance at a couple of good years doing this line?? hmm yep, all bout you oil workers. never mind that the fact high oil prices have done much more damage to many than your bloated laid off estimate of 100k yep all bout you oil workers.. blah blah blah Thad

    • Randal your vision is very narrow and shallow-seeing only self-
      The US oil industry does not set price OPEC does–
      And you can not see those laid off indirectly, the truckers, the suppliers, the steel mill workers when the oil field stops ordering pipe and casing because wells are not being drill. You cry about the money they make but can’t see were the money is spent- the stores, shops and businesses that lose business because the people laid off have no money to buy consumer goods .Or people losing their homes or the homebuilders that see their market shrink–
      And you can only see your self —

    • Why not a Bakken refinery??

    • Two new refineries have ben built in ND, second came on line last month– but they can not refine all the Bakken production so balance goes out by train
      Energy Transfer building a pipeline direct to Iowa -expected to be finished by end 2016

  4. As a future petroleum engineer I must say the pipeline would not benefit America at all! Once again the POTUS and Harvard grad knew what had to be done

  5. James your future engineering doesn’t trump those of us who actually have real life experience in the field. You’re a green hat and your advice and opinion is just that…moot.

  6. You people are stupid. Yes the pipeline would carry Canadian oil but it would also carry North Dakota crude also. The ability to cut the transportation cost would help in the overall production cost. Who benefits the most from not having a pipeline, BNSF railroad, who owns the railroad, Warren Buffett. Who gave millions to Obama? Warren Buffett. Do the math. Obama is just helping his buddy. He does not care if you have a job or not. He is more happy if you don’t have a job that way you have to go crawling to him to survive. I wish Candida would just say screw you it our board too build access it. There was a time in this country when business would have just told the government to piss off but now business is to afraid of the government. Everyone is now afraid of the government.

    • How little you know? Not a single Bakken producer has signed a contract of intent with TransCanada- instead signed with ‘Energy Transfer’ for direct pipeline to Iowa expected to be operational by end of 2016.
      Trains could not haul the crude for the K-XL even if Buffett wanted -Do the math 840,000 bpd eneryday tank car 750 bbls, 1,200 tank cars, 18 miles of tank cars each and everyday. And no where to park and no way to unload in 24 hrs making way for tomorrow 18 miles of tank cars– now who is stupid

  7. The lying party of “yes we can” is really the party of “no you can’t”.

  8. Fuc* you assbole senators. Send me yur check from now on.


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