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Assembling of liquefied natural gas Refinery Factory with LNG storage tank using for Oil and gas industry. (Getty Images via NewsCred)

Bakken LNG plant expands processing capacity

The only processing plant in North Dakota that converts natural gas byproducts into motor fuel is planning to increase its capacity, reports The Bismarck Tribune.

Located outside Tioga, North Dakota LNG began processing gas last September and is approaching the facility’s second phase of development. The company recently completed an expansion that will increase its processing capacity from the original 10,000 gallons per day up to 76,000 gallons per day, according to North Dakota LNG CEO Paul Burns.

The plant is located adjacent to Hess Corp’s gas processing facility and utilizes the methane produced there. North Dakota LNG uses a process which cools the methane using extreme temperatures (approximately negative 250 degrees Fahrenheit) to convert the gas into a liquid state. The liquid allows for easier transportation to different locations where it will then be converted back into its gaseous state.

The product offered by North Dakota LNG is becoming more popular as it begins to replace the industry’s voracious appetite for diesel fuel. The LNG product burns more cleanly and has fewer harmful carbon emissions compared to other sources of fuel. Depending on market conditions, the facility may add additional capacity in the future.


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      Also added. 15 buildings. For. She’ll oil. Office building and. Pump. Stations.

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