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Photo courtesy of Black Gold Oilfield Services

Williston man camp closing because of city code violations

WILLISTON, N.D. — Officials in Williston are standing by their previous decision and forcing a 400-bed man camp to close because of city code violations.

The Williston Herald reports that Black Gold Lodge petitioned the city to reverse a Jan. 13 decision to shut down the facility Tuesday evening. City commissioners moved to take no action, allowing their previous vote to stand.

Black Gold came under city limits in 2013 through a land annexation. The city requires sprinkler systems and commissioners had given Black Gold until Dec. 31, 2014, to install one, but the company says contractor issues stalled the installation.

Black Gold says it’s now in compliance with city code and has spent nearly $700,000 installing the system.

Commissioner Chris Brostuen argued the situation is “pure negligence,” which the commission should not reward.

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Information from: Williston Herald, http://www.willistonherald.com

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  1. What a waste over a stupid game…

  2. City just wants everyone to get a $5000. Apt…..cause there are gonna be a lot of empty ones….

  3. No the city gave them 16 months to do the work. The fact that the operators of the man camp waited till the last minute is bull. They should be shutdown.
    When the first man camps were opened in williams county they all represented themselves as “temporary, short term housing.”
    Yes, I understand that there are alot of people that can’t afford the rental prices here, but why should the city officials change their stance when the company had plenty of time to correct the issue.
    And Mr. John Mower if you are paying $5000 for an apartment that’s your own fault. Most are only $1500-3000. But i do agree those prices are rediculous. My first house was $150 a month rent and the last I rented was $700 I moved out of there last april.

    • I’m out here in ND. (Dickinson) I live in corporate housing not a mancamp but they run on the same premise. Don’t blame any of this crap on the cities. the oil companies and contractors SHOULD have built them correctly in the first place. Instead they cut corners and safety for PROFITS. Now they can take it out of their own wallet. Ouch that’s hurts doesn’t it.

  4. Has anyone checked to see how many boardmembers have “interest” in the new appt complex’s going up?? (Btw, temp can still be 5yrs, not 5mths)

  5. That is just crazy. Why didn’t it look like that when we were there.

  6. Because it was just three ramshackle pieces when we lived there were not good enough for that kind of man camp lol

  7. it’s HORSE POO! that,”hey lets annex land and buildings to get a bigger tax base” then close down those same buildings that don’t meet our code.. I’d tell city hall to take a long walk off a short pier, and lawyer up!!

  8. I thought I would own my hotel in Williston forever. But stuff like this made me sell. Ridiculous that the mancamps can do as they please just becasue we need housing. Tired of businesses that can exist without playing by the rules. Just plain tired………

  9. So , where are the workers supposed to live , in $ 2,200/ month apartments, I guess thats one way for the city of williston to force them to spend more money in the local economy, maybe for a little while, until they give up & go back home. Way to go you greedy pricks!

  10. Andrew… The city of Williston didn’t force ANYONE to come here. People came of their own accord and the city doesn’t set rent prices, the owners of the apartments and rental places do. Most of whom are not local. If people didn’t bother to find out what it costs to live here..How is that the city’s fault? The only idiocracy in any of this… Is people like you who want to blame the city for their problems. Did you blame the place you came from for no jobs or no well paying jobs? Get a grip.

  11. I wouldn’t want man camps in my home town.

  12. I hauled most of those in from up north. The owner was rather shady and I didn’t get paid for months!

  13. Oh well. The town is empty now anyway.

  14. me and my roommate shes 65 and im 47 we rent our living room out for 600.00 a month

  15. i can put 3 ppl in there

  16. Sounds to me like one or more of the city (leaders) didn’t get the required cash under the table.

  17. so what it was ok to live like rats only when oil was booming ?

  18. Black gold had nice rooms and great food. Course I was lucky in that I stayed in a jack and jill…

  19. I believe that the commission is corrupt. No proof yet, but they made a foolish decision on my project and that is the only conclusion that can be made.