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Gov. elect Tom Wolf (Image via Wikimedia Commons)

Editorial: Tom Wolf, revealed: Good grief

Gov. Tom Wolf supports fewer jobs for Pennsylvanians, especially for minorities attempting to step onto the first rung of the employment experience ladder. He also supports fewer small businesses doing business in the Keystone State. And the governor is in favor of sending Marcellus shale drilling companies to other states so their residents can better reap the benefits of the energy revolution he seeks to squash.

Audacious statements? Not at all. After all, Mr. Wolf, a Democrat (of course), fully supports an increase in the state-mandated minimum wage and seeks to impose natural gas value and extraction taxes.

The governor formally unveiled his gas tax scheme on Wednesday at an elementary school west of Philadelphia. And it is outrageously onerous. Most of the proceeds would go to feed the public/union educratic rats.

Never mind that at least one major producer is on record that it might pull up stakes if taxes are raised. Surely others are considering the same.

On Tuesday, after huddling privately with the AFL-CIO (of course), Wolf announced that enacting a higher minimum wage is one of his priorities. Raising the wage floor will provide benefits to the economy and make the free market work better, he insisted.

On what planet, Governor? Good grief.

Tom Wolf is pimping pure economics ignorance on shale gas taxes and wage floors. And he’s doing so at Pennsylvania’s peril.

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