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Company linked to earthquakes found in compliance with regulations

After investigating speculations that an NGL Water Solutions DJ LLC wastewater well was linked to earthquakes near Greeley, the state of Colorado has cleared the oil and gas company of any violations of its permit from Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission or state regulations.

In a BizWest article, NGL Senior Vice President Doug White said the company operates in “strict compliance with regulatory and safety standards.”

Division of Natural Resources Spokesman Todd Hartman said COGCC also granted NGL’s request for a 20 percent boost in the company’s daily limit of waste water it can inject into its wells, which now rests at 12,000 barrels per day.

“NGL and the University of Colorado both continue to have seismometers near the C4A well to monitor activity and COGCC is in communication with both entities,” he said in the article.

COGCC temporarily suspended NGL’s operation last June when Greeley residents expressed frustration over a series of large quakes. Although the state began an investigation of the company’s operations in July, NGL operations were okay’d for the time being.

Though the company’s original permit allowed it to inject up to 10,000 barrels into its well per day, the state cut back its limit after last year’s tensions arose, allowing gradual increases throughout the year.

NGL spokesperson Matt Lepore said the company is now allowed to inject more wastewater, as long as the pressure is kept below a certain point. A constant pressure, as well as NGL’s efforts to seal their well, will help prevent future earthquakes.

“We think the risks can be managed,” he said. “We think we have done that at this location.”


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