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Oil patch jobs still plentiful

Despite the low price of oil and dropping rig count, jobs in the area are still plentiful, according to a report by The Bismarck Tribune.

Williston Job Service manager Cindy Sanford says the office hasn’t seen the same slowdown as the rest of the oil patch. She said people looking for work in the Bakken oil field will still find jobs, and those looking for work outside the industry will be able to find jobs as well.

According to The Tribune, Sanford said, “I could place 25 people in a bank on any given day. We have a restaurant here that needs 100 employees; Menard’s needs 150 employees … Construction is not stopping, and the Menard’s construction contractors are hiring another 15 people. Home Depot is still hiring, so is Tractor Supply Co. and Knife River.”

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As of today, the North Dakota rig count is 163. Although this count is at a four year low, the Williston Job Service office hasn’t received any words about hiring freezes or layoffs. A sudden influx of people transitioning from unemployment to seeking jobs has also yet to be seen.

“There are still jobs,” Sanford said in the report. Recently, she spoke with an oil industry manager that was facing overtime cuts and was tired of the rollercoaster trends associated with the oil and gas industry. The job service office was able to point him in the direction of job prospects outside the industry.

Sandford said she won’t be making any predictions, but the agency’s annual job fair in March should provide a good indication of the job market. The fair usually brings in hundreds of employers and over 1,000 job applicants. Though, if the slowdown and declining oil prices persist, companies may begin to lay off workers within the coming months.


  1. Jobs dropping like Flys in the cold

  2. Baker Hughes and Halliburton are laying off because of the merger more than anything

    • I work for Baker and we’ve already been told to expect cuts. It’s even more scary with the oil prices plummeting

    • really not the fact they are pulling rigs everywhere? when oil hits $40 it will go so fast, it will make ur head spin, and when oil hits $30 all will stop…then you will have a depression in the area..and boy oh boy look out then…crime will raise, budget cuts of the police….oh wait the mayor of Williston said tourism will take care of the issue or refining the oil that is not being pumped, will provide, remember he was elected by the people, time to recall that idiot…

  3. Here’s for the people that think the lay offs are based on Haliburton and Baker merger.


  4. I know all sse have or will be let go once their rig stacks

  5. Rki exploration still drilling just not producing…..drill it cap it and move on to next one

  6. While nice to cheer me up its a crock maybe layoffs or hiring freezes haven’t been reported but I know of ten people that have been laid off and at least one company on a hiring freeze

    • This is what I was told from my dad who works for BP…BP laid off 600, Schlumber is laying off 9,000, Halli-baker is laying off 6,000, 75 rigs are stacked in south texas and 60 of them are H&P. I recieved a pay decrease of 10% the same day I was supposed to get a raise…..lol.I have two buddies who just started to work for Patterson UTI 2 months ago and got layoff notices this week…..I feel for everyone but it will work itself out….just gotta be patient….

    • I’m sure it will eventually.However, job service shouldn’t put out false information. Saying everything is just peachy, and there have been no consequences to the falling prices. That’s going to draw more people up here with false hopes.

    • And Baker Hughes is adding 7,000 more to that layoff total..

    • I work for Job Service in Glendive and talked to 3 people laid off from oil-related jobs this week. It’s happening and it’s gotta be worse closer to the action. There are still plenty of jobs in the patch, they just may not be directly in the oilfield.

  7. Bakken.Com your making lies and we the people don’t like that. Halliburton continental power fuels have laid off right here in the bakken

  8. No baker is laying off prior to merger which doesn’t take effect till end of 2015 Dylan Seidel. When Schlumberger lays off the top next two ALWAYS every year do. The merger will cause more layoffs then ad Halliburton already emailed their employees to expect job loss because of it.

  9. Hmm, in last weekend’s Minot newspaper I did not see one listing for oil field jobs. Now in Dickenson I heard on the radio for some hiring. Who knows. Bismarck is a long ways from the Bakken.

    • and what will they do in Bismarck? work for the government? where does all this money come from? if there is a severe curtailment of income, it stands to reason spending will drop also…remember it took 30 years to recover from the last boom…

  10. But can they pay what oilfield does

  11. They will have to put them in production eventually to get some of that money back to drill more bub

  12. Joe Bachmann you worried about layoff?

  13. Better hold on tight to those Escalade steering wheels come spring it’s gonna be a wild ride !

  14. Unfortunately, layoffs seem to be in the drilling sector of the business. Rig count continues to drop on US Land.
    Production side of things seems to be holding up. Hoping it turns up in the spring!

  15. the company i work for in the fracing side laid me off in aug of last year because the fracing crews think they can do it so i am looking for a new team to work for

  16. Just heard today that Baker Hughes/Halliburton are laying off 8000.

  17. These “jobs” that are outside of the Bakken will not pay 1/4 what the oil jobs do. Not to mention the high price of living because of the boom. All is sadly not well for these poor people that ARE being laid off.

  18. H&P laying off and stacking up

  19. Lol. Because we believe the news. Haha. Half my friends are sitting at home now out of new town watford city dickinson williston etc. idiot.

  20. We went from a four rig count, then to three and then to zero rig count in two weeks.

  21. BS everything is slowing down!

  22. Hey every time they stack a rig most of those people get laid off not sure how yall came up with rig count down and job numbers the same

    • ah the numbers come from the companies themselves…and the government (state) says over 75 rig have left the state…

  23. WYOMING COLORADO are stacking. Many lay offs here. Haliburton 8000 many more to come. It’s all shifting over seas.

  24. It Happens with every Boom. There is a Cool Down Period Oil is precious Commodity it’s needed. eventually it will go back up Just Budget your Money we all be ok just stay Positive.

  25. Oil is cyclical people. These booms and busts happen all the time.

  26. Everybody run get out while you can….. Leave North Dakota please….

  27. Everyone body I’ve tried to contact is on a hiring freeze & has been for a month

  28. I work in the patch…no ack of work here & all the companies I know are still hiring…Bakken still full steam ahead…Keep on Trucking!

  29. Saudi Arabia will not decrease production. They are putting smaller companies into a squeeze. Doesn’t look good.

  30. Just got an email this morning about a job career going on up there.

  31. Get ready layoffs and $5/gal gas are coming.

  32. Welcome to the club guys….we in the polymer industry have endured years of slow growth, stagnant wages, and layoffs due to HIGH oil. We’re seeing a bit of breathing room at the moment.

  33. Hamm&Phillip’s closed their water hauling division in Watford City. Sent the driver’s packing.

  34. Texas is losing jobs all over.

  35. There are hundreds of jobs open in Williston. Are they all oilfield? No. Will they make ends meet with the cost of living? That’s also a no. Oilfield layoffs are happening in MT so I KNOW they’re happening in ND.

  36. out of 5 continental fleets they just laid off 2 fleets, .(fracking crews)

  37. My husband was laid off a week ago. He interviewed for a company on Monday and was told today they went on a hiring freeze. Yes this is in the Bakken. Stupid idiots!

  38. You need a new source for your info, many freezes and layoffs………..

  39. wow just like 1981/83 it starts with a trickle, that reach’s flood stage within weeks, not months, watch for the hit to come fast…how can other business keep growing if oil stops producing? what will pay for the jobs? have we all lost our minds, no growth no jobs….people will not buy when they don’t know if they will have a job…Mayor Howard Klug is not worried about the future all looks good, cause they will have refining and tourism, oh and the ag industry… what an idiot stick your head in the sand mayor, he must not have been there for the last round-up, it only took 30 years to recover, oh and it was oil that made it go again, not tourism, not ag, and just what the hell will you refine Mr. Mayor?

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