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Brine spills into creek north of Williston

The North Dakota Department of Health has reported that an unspecified amount of material used in the hydraulic fracturing production process was released into a creek in Williams County.

The Department of Health was notified of the spill by Summit Midstream. The produced salt water known as brine was released approximately 15 miles north of Williston from a disposal line. The spill has impacted nearby waters in Blacktail Creek which is located downstream from Blacktail Lake.

Currently, an environmental contractor for the responsible party is on the location working on the cleanup and remediation process. Personnel from the North Dakota Department of Health and the North Dakota Oil and Gas Division have also responded to the scene.

The Environmental Protection Agency says that produced brine water may contain toxic metals and radioactive waste. These substances can be extremely damaging to the environment and public health if released onto the surface. The statement made by the Department of Health included no statement from Summit Midstream.

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