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250-barrel spill contained at Divide County well

BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) — North Dakota’s Oil and Gas Division says a 250-barrel oil spill has been contained at a well in Divide County.

Continental Resources Inc. reported a failed tank on Wednesday at the site about 10 miles northeast of Wildrose.

Regulators say a state inspector has been to the site, and the spilled oil was contained and recovered. A barrel holds 42 gallons. Last week there were three oil and saltwater spills in the state, all have been contained. North Dakota has recently gone under a lot of public scrutiny concerning the amount of oil spills and the fines that companies have been receiving from them via an article released by the New York Times earlier this month. The North Dakota Department of Mineral Resources believes that the state is regulated enough and to the fullest extent that the government is currently able.

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