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Denton City Council drills into its fracking ban ordinance

Tonight at 6:30 p.m. at the Denton City Hall, the Denton City Council and Planning and Zoning Commission are drilling into the city’s new drilling ordinance to see if regulations can be added or changed.

In November, Denton made headlines across the world when voters approved the first ban on hydraulic fracturing in the state of Texas.  The fracking ban has already resulted in legal protests.

The Denton City Council is now considering changes to the fracking regulations, one more way to prevent drilling in close proximity to homes.

According to the Houston Business Journal, Councilman Kevin Roden states in his blog, “The city supports efforts to fix this problem in the courthouse, the Texas Legislature and at city hall.”  Roden also mentioned the city has plans to draft its own legislation that would resolve the mineral rights issue that caused the issue in the first place.  Once a legislation is drafted, the city would then look for a state legislature to support the bill.

Rode wrote in his blog:

The City Council remains committed to getting the best ordinance in place so that regardless of the outcome of all this, our city is in the best possible position to advance the interests and desires of our citizenry relating to the issue of oil and gas development in the city.

Denton has suspended all permits on drilling until January to allow the city time to make changes to the ordinance.

Several mineral rights owners have sued Denton, calling the suspension a de facto ban on drilling in the city.


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