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Zach Koppang / Shale Plays Media

Strip clubs lose liquor license

At a meeting last night Williston Mayor Howard Klug and commissioners unanimously approved the suspension of the liquor licenses from both Whispers and Heartbreaker’s in downtown Williston. Both establishments are located on Williston’s main street downtown. They will lose their licenses for 60 days due to an increase in calls about the businesses.

In 2013, the Williston Police Department received 120 calls to the area. Since then they have responded to 189, an significant increase in issues surrounding the strip clubs. Common complaints include service of alcohol to a minor, the sale or use of alcohol on the street, acts prohibited on a licensed premise and the sale of alcohol to overly intoxicated individuals.

The Dickinson Press reported yesterday that Detective David Peterson also presented a detailed list of major police investigations surrounding the establishments, including the death of Dean Niderklopfer outside of Whispers on Aug. 8.

Attorneys for the clubs claimed that the businesses have been attempting to increase their bouncer security as far as they can.


  1. Why don’t they just put a ban on idiots in Williston, instead?

  2. What u going to to now, Ryan Bulloch

  3. And the idiots are going to go where now??

    To the next bar.

    Then the nearby bars will get there liquor licenses taken away too.


  4. I hope they loose it permanently. Tell me one good thing it does for our community?

  5. In Fargo there is a black list, and if you’re on it, you’re not getting into the bar.

  6. Don’t kid your self does a lot for community and those girls will still get oil money just how is all

  7. Good deal. Places like these strip club detract from the town they’re in.

  8. Sorry Dane Hermansky where you gonna get your nose wet now??

  9. The ones calling are just pisst because they think man is here just to serve a woman lmao note to woman caller, you cant cut him off if you dont know where he is getting it from so put out or shut up !

  10. This is some bs, though Fargo went through it a couple decades ago. I don’t know if those joints are causing trouble up there, though I doubt they are and they’re just an easy target for the religious right. Thus, I think it’s bs.

  11. So its bring your own booze ! Way cheaper anyway & have a members fee ! Whooped em again Josey !

  12. Welcome to the real world Williston

  13. Its B S . More abuse of power by your gov.

  14. Quit drinking-do yourselves a big favor & improve your health!!!

  15. Have you SEEN where those clubs are? “Taking away from Williston..” – you could built a luxury hotel in the very spot the titty bar is on, and that part of williston will STILL be a sh1thole

  16. You mix alcohol and naked women and something bad is bound to happen.

  17. He never got his reelection pmt.

  18. over serving seams to be part of the problem

  19. Oil booms always draw a certain element that really likes to party hard. Been that way all my life and I am 70. Where I grew up in Oklahoma, there were bars you just didn’t go to unless you were looking for trouble.

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