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North Dakota tribal leader gives inaugural address

WILLISTON, N.D. — The new leader of North Dakota’s oil rich Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara Nation says the tribes need to strive toward self-reliance and end federal dependency.

Chairman Mark Fox made the remarks in an inaugural address Wednesday evening at a celebration in New Town. He was joined by tribal, state and federal officials and dignitaries. Fox won a Nov. 4 general election to become the new leader of the tribes.

Fox says the tribes’ need to take advantage of the prosperity of the oil boom to re-establish their economy and become a model of development in Indian Country.

In related news, North Dakota power plant off line after fire.

The tribes’ Fort Berthold Indian Reservation produces more than 330,000 barrels of oil per day. That’s about one-third of North Dakota’s production and almost as much as Oklahoma’s daily output.


  1. To bad it’s about to end

  2. Only when you’re in town dave

  3. May you put the profits to good use.

  4. I’m glad for the Native Americans. I know they struggle with the same issues those off the reservation do regarding the balance between using the resources and caring for the land maybe more so by the old generation of their community but at the same time this is a good opportunity to help all community members. It’s the same for all of us and hinges on the wisdom of our leaders.

    • I work everyday on the Ft. Berthold Reservation and with all of the money the 3 affiliated tribes are making off oil production they have done nothing to improve the lives of the the tribe members. Corruption among the leaders and tribal council is rampant, just like Washington. Sad, really Sad!

    • I am so sorry to hear that. Heartbreaking when you see opportunities wasted.

  5. And the enrolled members dont see one penny of it

  6. I am In Western North Dakota as we speak and this really is bad the worink local people are the working poor class.This state is filled with greed and no passion.

  7. Going to be a ghost town for to long

  8. Hey! They spelled Sakakawea correctly!

  9. Fort berthold used to be a beautiful place before all the riff raft came in.

  10. The only constant is change. Get used to it or be miserable, your choice.

  11. Freaking rip off with all the crap workers have to pay for to even work in that area

  12. Got a while before it comes to a end

  13. They make up the rules as they go especially around that crooked town of Mandaree

  14. Can I be enrolled into that tribe lol

  15. spent last summer/fall there …not far from there now in Watford

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