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U.S. House to hold hearing on oil export ban

WASHINGTON – A House of Representatives panel will hold a hearing on Dec. 11 to explore whether a decades-old law that prohibits the export of crude oil makes sense in an era of domestic energy abundance.

The House subcommittee on energy and power, chaired by Representative Ed Whitfield, will hone in on the 1975 Energy Policy and Conservation Act, drafted in response to the 1973 oil crisis. The law prohibited the export of most crude oil, created the Strategic Petroleum Reserve and Corporate Average Fuel Economy rules for cars and trucks, also known as CAFE standards.

“We need to take a comprehensive look at where we came from, where we are today, and where we want to go from here,” Whitfield said in a release.

The debate over whether Washington should lift its nearly 40-year crude oil export ban will come sharply into focus in January, when Republicans take over leadership of both the House and Senate.

Oil exports champion Senator Lisa Murkowski will take over as chairman of the Senate energy committee.

In the House equivalent, Chairman Fred Upton – who will retain the gavel – has said he has not yet made up his mind on the exports question, but senior committee member Congressman Joe Barton has voiced his support for lifting the ban.

Energy Information Administration chief Adam Sieminski will testify at the hearing along with a panel of other experts, who will be named at a later date.

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  1. The morons better not export OUR oil !

  2. Keep our oil here and use it to drive down the cost of everything that is made with it. The boost to our economy will be nice.

  3. damn right our oil should supply americans first not be sold to highest bidder andcwe get gouged .oil barrel down 40 percent yet our gas is only 20 cents cheaper we are getting raped at pump

  4. the saudis sell oil and yet their gas was cheap at 50 cents a gal

  5. Absolutely no export of US oil….

  6. Keep it here in.the. USA!!!!!!!

  7. Thought that oil was to free us from the Middle East?? Destroying our land to sell the oil to another country? Shouldn’t it be used to lower out fuel cost?? Keep it in the ground and figure some other way to make the millionaires more money.

  8. if we export we become Trans Canadas Biotch

  9. Cafe standards are hurting the auto industry. I’m in favor of curtailing that in any way.

  10. I don’t think it really matters if we keep ours or not as far as the world market it concerned. I do think we should do whatever is necessary to boost our economy and quit being so much of a sympathizer to other countries.

  11. I’m really sick of government aren’t you?

  12. Many of you don’t seem to know that we now export over 4 million bpd of gasoline and other petroleum products. True, it’s sent gasoline prices through the roof.

    Oh, wait.


  13. And build a refinery in north Dakota or below Canada tar sand oil, what the hell

  14. Let’s use our own oil and cut the imports!

  15. It all goes on the open market. Looks like most people in this thread do not understand commodities. Just because we currently do not export crude it has no effect one way or another in the price of crude. That is determined by the world supply as a whole.

  16. Why in the hell are we exporting oil and turning around and buying oil from opec plum stupid

  17. The Saudis are flooding the market for one reason, to destroy the U.S. Shale production. Yes it will hurt Russia and make gas prices cheaper for awhile but after 2016 when OPEC meets again to cut back
    on production we once again will see gas prices rise…..oil is a global commodity and the U.S. Need to sell globally to make sure the world is not hostage to opec

  18. Hmmm! Sounds like a plan! … ?

  19. Keep our oil here….we need to be less dependent on towel head crude

  20. Oil in American, for Americans, by Americans. No reason to be dependent on another country, who could cut us off at any moment.

  21. Oil is a fungible commodity. If you have a million barrel reservoir and 50% is Venezuelan oil and 50% is us oil, how do you knons whose oil I exported when I sell 10,000 barrels to Haiti?

  22. Then what? Ship the oil over seas, refine it, then sell the gas and diesel back to us? Stupid stupid stupid, but you know Republicans will try hard to make it happen.

  23. Even if we keep it here our crappy government will still trade with the other countries… Cause it looks good. You are delusional if you think they will make us less dependent on other countries… The ban has been in effect for 40 years. Look where we are!?

  24. Cut back on big government all the regulations prices drop economy takes off and revenue will go up remember Ronald Reagan

  25. OPEC controls the global economy. If we become independent of OPEC we will have more control of our economy.

  26. They have been selling our oil over seas for years

  27. I think that anyone who is a member of the House of Representatives and has ties to any kind of oil at all should not have a say in this matter. Being it would be a conflict of interest.

  28. Let the market work get the government out of legitimate business.

  29. Open the flood gates on oil an natural gas. Let’s start selling asap. It will help us get out of the debt of the last 6 years of government give always. No longer will Russia control Europe with the supply of petroleum products. The Middle East wouldn’t have the resources to continue to fund senseless wars. While we’re at it cut the EPA’s power and allow the USA to build refineries to start cutting the price at the pump. Convert our coal fired power plants to cleaner burning natural gas.

  30. I hate oil and we have better alternatives, I say ban oil all together!

  31. We still import oil to meet the country’s need but they want to export now! Makes no sense!

  32. The more control the government takes, the more we become a socialist nation.

  33. If they don’t want to see this economy head south, they better lift the ban.

  34. OPEC is flooding the market to drive oil prices down and slow the American Boom in Oil. Lifting the Ban will not help!!!! More Oil on the market would mean even lower prices.

  35. All the US Government has to do is buy up the cheap oil n store it in the strategic oil reserves …. problem solved

  36. Lol ban oil. Yet you probably aren’t even remotely green. Thousands of products are made with it. Smh

  37. When you look at all the problems created by congress ,how would they ever fix anything, example if Wall Street actually had to take possession of the commodities they were trading and put some money in the game the fuel price should be back below a dollar, but no they’re just trading paper, EPA create standards that hurt our economy can anybody explain to me why back in the mid eighties you could get an escort diesel car that got 50 miles to a gallon or Ford topaz diesel that got 50 miles to a gallon or Nissan Diesel pick up that got 57 miles to a gallon I love diesel pickup that got over 50 miles to the gallon and that was all on older technology we could have cars doing a hundred miles to gallon here in United States but Congress does not want it because the fuel tax is based on per gallon sold,so the more fuel you use the more money they get in just a rough average –.42 cents per gallon— goes to taxes do the math what is our corrupt government doing with our tax money oh that’s right $500,000 to study why feet smell ,as far as big truck fuel mileage,if I could take all the EPA crap off this truck I could get well over 8 mpg ,can anyone tell me how peeing on a stove cleans up the environment cause that’s what your doing with def fluid

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