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Billings Montana

Billings no longer refinery site

Earlier this year Quantum Energy Inc. announced that they were planning on building a refinery in Billings, Montana. However, a few days ago the Billings Gazette announced that the project has been cancelled. The company still plans to build diesel refineries in the Bakken area. Sites that are included in Quantum’s plan include Stanley, Baker and Fairview North Dakota. The proposed refinery was going to cost an estimated $500 million. Quantum presented its construction plan to the Yellowstone County commission on Aug.19 and have not responded since. The company also cancelled a follow up meeting Nov. 3.

Quantum also stated in a news release that negotiations for the land in the Billings area ceased on Oct. 30 “due to the landowner’s inability to specify in a timely manner which 100 acres of a larger tract would be the option property. Unfortunately, on that point, the landowner could never overcome the logistics and timing required for our permitting process.” Many Billings officials and residents believe that the company does not have the funds to build the refinery anymore. Shares for Quantum Energy dropped to 38 cents this week.

Oil refineries are popping up all over the state of North Dakota in order to aid the infrastructure needs of its burgeoning oil industry. Refineries are being constructed in Tioga, New Town and Dickinson as well. An oil refinery is currently being proposed in Devils Lake to process off-road diesel fuel, but it has not been approved yet.


  1. Have they broken ground in New Town, and Tioga? The Dickinson refinery is getting closer to completion.

  2. Mostly just talk and no go!

  3. Can you say, Keystone. It’s a logistics issue.. they’ll more than likely move it because of that.

  4. About time big oil. Build refineries where you drill. Remember that you are a dieing industry. Don’t pollute my groundwater most of all. Oil and water are finite resources

  5. So with all of this going on, where are all the job listings?

  6. well then there is no need for the keystone they can just refine it there save them loads in transportation and building cost

  7. My previous post was not a rhetorical question.

    • What kind of job are you looking for? There’s usually over 2000 job openings at all times in Williams County and the same in surrounding counties.

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