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Energy giant CEO’s ex-wife to appeal $1B divorce

OKLAHOMA CITY— The ex-wife of multibillionaire energy tycoon Harold Hamm plans to appeal a court ruling that awarded her nearly $1 billion in a divorce settlement, according to her attorney.

An Oklahoma County judge awarded $995.4 million this week to Sue Ann Hamm, who was married for more than 20 years to Continental Resources Inc. CEO Harold Hamm before she filed for divorce in 2012.

Her attorney, Ron Barber, told The Oklahoman newspaper that they plan to appeal, saying the amount is less than 6 percent of the couple’s estimated $18 billion wealth. Harold Hamm was an early believer in the Bakken oil shale formation, which is spurring the oil boom in western North Dakota. The state is now the nation’s second largest oil producer behind Texas.

Harold Hamm has been directed to pay $322 million to his ex-wife by the end of the year, then minimum payments of $7 million each month starting in January.

In related news, Continental CEO Harold Hamm ordered to pay $995 million in divorce.

A spokeswoman for his Oklahoma City-based company, Kristin Miskovsky, said Friday that the settlement has no impact on the company’s business or operations. She declined further comment.

The judge’s order states that marital assets awarded to Harold Hamm totaled more than $2 billion. The judge also ordered most of the transcripts and court filings in the divorce case to remain sealed.

Sue Ann Hamm was awarded the couple’s $4.6 million marital home in Nichols Hills, Oklahoma; an $800,000 home in Enid, Oklahoma; and a $17.4 million home in Carmel Valley, California.

Harold Hamm was awarded a $750,000 home in Branson, Missouri, along with a log cabin and 154 acres in Major County, Oklahoma, valued at about $300,000.


  1. Should have made that young lady sign a pre nup

  2. She’s making the greens green with envy.

  3. And that’s why you sould always sign a prenup

  4. Holy hell. How much more can she take!

  5. If she raised his family and helped support him…no good married man/woman does it alone.

  6. Guess we better go back to drilling and help him pay for this shiz.

  7. For anybody that thinks she doesn’t deserve it, she was the head of marketing for his company starting in the mid 90’s so she helped him make all that $20 billion he’s worth and I think he got off easy!

  8. A total of 950 million….. cash. He is worth plus or minus 15 Billion and she was president of marketing, wife and mom.

  9. Kevin Smith hey they were married for 20 years and he cheated on her….so she deserves it bro

  10. this is a great company!!! Its too bad people have to lose their jobs over this

  11. She’s appealing to get more.

  12. None of us will ever see that kind of money….. Sounds like good problems to have

  13. This is why it is best to sort out your differences and not let it come to this. In the end no one wins and the employees will probably suffer in this debacle.

  14. Oilfield trash makin oilfield cash

  15. That should keep her off the welfare rolls.

  16. She’s appealing the ruling she wants more. For someone who doesn’t live that extravagantly that sounds assine. But if that’s how you have lived for some years and assisted your spouse in achieving where he/she is in career then go for it. Get more don’t they have 50/50 on Oklahoma.

  17. WOW! Unbelievable! Who needs that much money

  18. RIP OFF!!! No women should cost that much!

  19. I know a guy that could have made an accident happen for like $50 lol

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