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Largest ‘shale-quake’ in Kansas reported

It has recently been suggested that wastewater injection wells, a byproduct of hydraulic fracturing, are directly linked to a strange surge of earthquake activity across the country.  Parallel to its increase in well drilling, there has recently been an increase in earthquake activity in Kansas and Oklahoma. Yesterday portions of Kansas, Oklahoma and Arkansas experienced a 4.8 magnitude earthquake, one of eight tremors over the course of 24 hours. Kansas has experienced a reported 93 earthquakes this year, yesterday’s being the strongest.

The quake occurred at 3:40 pm and was felt in 11 states. It even affected Nebraska cities such as Omaha, Bellevue, Lincoln and Peru. Milan, Kans. was the only area where structural damage was reported. No injuries occurred.

The same day that the event occurred, Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback announced a program that deployed six portable monitors to track the seismic ground movement in the counties affected by oil development. The project is expected to be operating by early next year.

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