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More housing coming to Killdeer

Oppidan Investment Co. of Minneapolis will be developing an apartment complex in Killdeer, No. Dak., in order to support oil and gas workers in the state.  The apartments will be near 103rd ave and third street. Forum News Service reports that the development will span seven acres and have three 42-unit buildings with one, two and three bedroom units. The Killdeer Highlands Apartments are expected to be partially completed by the end of July. Prairie Property Management will be providing leasing services for the building.

Housing availability has been an ongoing problem in the region since a surge of citizens from all over the country have moved to North Dakota seeking high paying energy jobs. Williston, Watford City and Dickinson have been reported as some of the most expensive places to live in the country. Real estate developers such as Oppidan have recently began to develop smaller towns outside of the oil hubs, where many workers are seeking housing.


  1. & still $2500 a month . It don’t matter.

  2. Hope they don’t st laying off workers price of oil dropping

  3. Partially completed. Ha.
    That means I’m partially rich too!

  4. I hope one of these days greed steps aside and those building will realize that not everyone in North Dakota works in the oilfield or makes oilfield money. But everyone wants oilfield priced rents. It’s pathetic.

  5. Still doing dirt work and now we have a hard freeze and snow.

  6. And still unaffordable unless seven of your stay in the two bedroom

  7. Wow, round with no windows.

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