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Wyoming’s economic outlook looking positive

Newly-elected Wyoming State Treasurer Mark Gordon isn’t worried about the economic future of his state: “Wyoming is in good shape,” he says. That was the key message on Thursday at the Wyoming Business Report’s Southeast Economic Forecast Lunch, according to the Wyoming Business Report.

Gordon said that overall, the state of Wyoming’s economic status looks good, but there are always a few things to be on the lookout for. Gordon noted that the recent global energy crisis has him concerned. With Wyoming being one of the major producers of coal, he’s worried that due to trends in natural gas production will cause coal leases in Wyoming to take a hit. Gordon says that a drop in coal leases would likely impact the state’s coffers in upcoming years.

In 2013, Wyoming was first in coal production, first in uranium, second in trona, fifth in natural gas and seventh in oil production. Also, it should be noted that tourism is on the rise and agriculture is finishing up one of its best years ever.

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