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the overnighters
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‘The Overnighters’ to be shown at Williston theater

Documentary filmmaker Jesse Moss spent over 2 years creating the film ‘The Overnighters.’ It has been critically acclaimed since its first screening at The Sundance Film Festival early this year. Many critics consider it a sure-thing for an Oscar nomination. The film follows Pastor Jay Reinke and the diverse group of people who stayed in his church while having nowhere else to go. The housing crisis following the economic boom caused by the implementation of hydraulic fracturing was at its peak while this documentary was being filmed. Many people flocked to places like Williston and Watford City with no money and no place to go looking to find work. This documentary shows a darker perspective on the economic boom in North Dakota.

There were no announced show times in North Dakota, until now! “The Overnighters” will be screened at the Grand Theatre in downtown Williston on Oct. 30 at 7 p.m. This special screening will also feature a panel discussion with the director, former Mayor Ward Koeser and the Williston Herald’s editor Jerry Burnes. It will also continue a conventional run at the theater beginning on Oct. 31st.

Watch the trailer for the film below!


  1. I would like to see this and see if theirs a positive side ? I want to see some of the many stories here where people came here with nothing and saved their self & their families and stayed ! Where that story ?

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