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Goehring wants to help landowners with pipeline woes

Doug Goehring, North Dakota’s Agricultural Commissioner, stated on Thursday that he is going to try to get funding for two pipeline inspectors for the state. Forum News Service reported that Goehring hopes to help landowners who are unhappy with their property that was supposed to have been restored following a pipeline installation.  The commissioner claims that he receives a handful of complaints per month regarding the quality of the restorations from landowners and ranchers.

The new program, the Pipeline Reclamation Inspection Program, would require the inspectors to meet with the landowners in question to get a statement and to see their site. The inspectors would work with both the companies and the citizens in order to find a solution to both sides’ issues.

The program has an estimated cost of $600,000 and currently has the support of Gov. Jack Dalrymple.

Goehring is running for re-election against candidate Ryan Taylor, who is trying to find more of a balance between oil and agriculture in the state. Goehring’s proposal is a small part of Taylor’s “Landowner Bill of Rights” and would be instated if Taylor were to be elected.

If landowners had more rights regarding pipeline construction more would be supportive of their construction on their land.