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Plea agreement reached in illegal dumping case

Earlier this year a driver from Black Hills Trucking Inc. was accused of illegally dumping saltwater out of his truck in Williams County. Today the Associated Press reported that Leo Slemin announced he will be pleading guilty to the charge due to a plea agreement. The agreement has resulted in a one-year jail sentence, three years of suspended probation and $3525 in fines and fees.

The company, Black Hills Trucking Inc., could face a fine of up to $2 million dollars as a result of the incident. Charges against the company include operating without a license and illegally dumping saltwater.  There is evidence of several other illegal dumping practices associated with this company aside from the Slemin case. North Dakota could potentially fine Black Hills Trucking $1,000 for every day it operated without a license.

Saltwater is considered an environmental hazard. It is difficult to clean up and kills most if not all vegetation in the spill area.

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