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More families moving to Bakken

The biggest criticism of western North Dakota’s population boom is its lack of permanent residents. However, recently, more and more oil workers are bringing their families along to live in North Dakota with them. The Forum News Service reported that a quarter of Dickinson’s Sierra Ridge Apartment Homes’ rentals are from a company that is holding the housing for its employees. Affordable housing or rent subsidies are huge perks to prospective oil and gas industry employees in the area. The recent surge of workers relocating to the state has caused the western area of North Dakota to face a housing crisis with inflated rent prices and a lack of infrastructure to support its burgeoning population.

Area schools are also seeing more children coming into the system who have moved to North Dakota in order to be with a parent that has already been working in the state. Various rental companies have stated that the workers begin in an apartment and then move to a townhome. Now more and more families are purchasing permanent housing in the area.

According to the Forum News Service article describing the phenomenon, Gaylon Baker, the vice president of the Stark Development Corporation said, “Sure enough, it’s usually a case where the breadwinner of the family has been here a while, maybe not that long, but has decided that, ‘Hey this is some place that we can really hang our hat.”


  1. Need more affordable housing first, so more families can move here.

  2. Yes key word is “affordable”. I have noticed a lot of developers especially in the rental biz. Apt and town homes. Are attracting their investors because of the rediculous rent they can charge. I’m all for turning a profit but these investors are investing for a big return. Just my 2 cents worth.

  3. Try selling house in 10 years. Be sitting rotting till next boom. Lol

  4. $75,000 to $90,000 a year income, supporting a family of five is not bad at all. Now throw in $30,000 to $40,000 a year in rent and utilities and the “affordable” term they like to advertise with is a joke. I’m for making money but with prices like these they are putting a hurting on families that want to make this their home.

  5. Its sad that people will price gouge just because they know peoples income is a little better.. they would get more business keeping there prices around what the market is. Just sayin

  6. We bought 2 years ago, zero regrets.
    A $1,400/month mortgage payment verses $3.000/month in rent….it’s a no-brainer!

  7. Come on Landon you know you want to move here forever!

  8. My husband works there, I work here in Alaska where we live. Its hard to travel back and forth to see each other as well as being very costly. We do have some serious decisions to make about moving. We are willing to do it though. We will see….

  9. Affordable housing is what everyone needs there.

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