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New landfill coming to North Dakota

North Dakota may be welcoming its 12th landfill in the near future.

Chris Kreger, an IHD Environmental representative who is managing the landfill project, said the facility would take drilling cuttings and mud.  It would also collect waste from wells within a 50-mile radius.  Kreger is discussing the project on Monday when his company hosts an informal meeting for the public.  In the meeting Kreger will explain the project’s construction and operation.  The permit will be approved by the North Dakota Department of Health unless serious issues are brought to attention at the meeting or are given in writing by October 20, said Divison of Waste Management Diretor Scott Radig.

Environmental Solutions LLC, a company created specifically for the landfill, will be the owner and applicant.  Environmental Solutions owns 80 acres of land south of Belfield on Highway 85.  The 17.5 acre landfill will be built on the company’s property, which was rezoned from agricultural to industrial land in 2012, according to the Stark County Commissioners meeting minutes.

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The main goal of the project is to continue to improve the environment. Radig explained how the main contaminants of drilling waste are oil and salt.  Kreger explained the importance of the landfill to the environment:

The whole point of having a special waste landfill as opposed to an on-site pit at a well site is that a special waste landfill is more protective of the environment than a reserve pit is…  The whole issue is we’re trying to improve the environment, not degrade it.

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