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Hijacked Vietnamese tanker returned to port

The Vietnamese oil tanker which went missing last week has been recovered.

The Sunrise 689 was released by its hijackers, returning to port at 5 p.m. (5 a.m. CST), according to Hilary Whiteman and Euan McKirdy for CNN. All 18 crew members on board were safely aboard the vessel.

The ship had been relieved of approximately 2,000 tons of the oil it carried. The Sunrise 689 had departed from Singapore on October 2 and lost contact with its operators shortly thereafter. Reports now show that the vessel was hijacked just 40 minutes after its departure.

Oil piracy is becoming a global trend, particularly in areas such as the Gulf of Guinea off the coast of West Africa or the waters of Southeast Asia. The Sunrise 689’s hijacking is the twelfth such instance since April.

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