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A Diamond in the rough(neck)

61-year-old Carla Restivo isn’t too worried about abiding by the stereotypical norms associated with today’s workforce society, but rather shattering them completely.

In a profession dominated by men, and I mean dominated–95 percent to be exact–Restivo is just one of a few women “roughnecking” it in the oil fields. Restivo has been roughing it with the boys for parts of 20 years, going through various boom-and-bust periods since 1976.

While Restivo’s business card may read “fluid technician,” let’s not kid ourselves, she’s a mud-pumper–and a darn good one at that. Mud pumpers, I mean, “Fluid technicians,” such as Restivo help monitor and manage the type of mud that’s used in different phases of the drilling process.

It’s not the most glamorous job in the world, but for Restivo, it’s been a way of life–her way of life.

“My friends in college said I should try roughnecking. They said it kind of half-joking. I think they said it as a dare. I’ve always been outdoorsy and didn’t like being in an office, and it paid really well, so I showed up at the job site one day, and that’s how it got going,” said Restivo.

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