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First National Night Out since 2008

Tuesday night was an important for Odessa; communities around the city celebrated National Night Out (NNO).

The streets of Odessa were filled Tuesday night with neighbors, cookouts and police officers for National Night Out. Twelve communities participated in this year’s event, which was the first NNO since 2008 due to a lack of officers. NNO is a time for communities and police officers to reach out and get to know each other.

Block Captain Dave Vandever signed up because he feels it’s necessary for people to know their communities.

Some things have been happening around our neighborhood so we decided to get to know the families who are around us and the new families who have moved in. We were going to do this anyway and then the City of Odessa had this event so it just worked out…  The kids need to know who these officers are and what they do.”

Jacque Adimare, a new resident to Odessa and an employee for Odessa Animal Control, said that NNO was a great way to meet his new neighbors and talk about crime prevention.  Adimare also mentioned how it is a good time for families to meet the police officers serving their neighborhoods.

It is nice to have them here for this because it shows that they care,” Adimare said. “It’s good to know that they are here for us like we are here for them. You also get to see the human side of them and I think that makes people feel a lot more comfortable with the police.”

National Night Out is an event celebrated across the country and will be celebrated for years to come.

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