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Kawainui marsh
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Kawainui Marsh, HI falls victim to illegal oil dumping

Hawaii has announced that a major pumping company illegally dumped oil and other toxic wastes next to the Kawainui Marsh.

Hawaiian Pumping Specialists, managed by Dingo Sanchez, has been illegally transporting and dumping oil products next to and in the river of the Kawainui Marsh.  Charles Popke, a former manager of Hawaiian Pumping Specialists, explained how he witnessed Sanchez dumping waste into the river:

”There was over 1,000 gallons of product there — diesel, left over bilge water, oily water. He literally opened up the back of the truck and dumped it into the river.”

Health Department spokeswoman, Janice Okubo, stated there is an open investigation regarding the operations of the company.

Stretching across 830 acres, the Kawainui Marsh is the largest remaining wetland in Hawaii.  Along with several other streams and ponds, the Kawainui Marsh is home to many rare birds and wildlife.  Environmentalist Carroll Cox express’s this act on a scale of one to ten, being a ten.

“This is substantial because of the volume and the potentially harmful types of contaminants.”

Dingo Sanchez was contacted, but no calls were returned.

If found guilty, Hawaiian Pumping Specialists could face fines up to $25,000 per day.

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