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Texas Governor, Rick Perry. Photo by Robert Scoble via flickr

Gov. Rick Perry wants to use shale revolution as an American ‘weapon’

Texas Governor, Rick Perry, wants America to go beyond record-braking petroleum production by using the newfound power as a weapon.

The Houston Business Journal (HBJ) reported that at the Energy and Climate Policy Summit in Houston, Perry spoke of liberating Europe from “Russian aggression” with the substantial amount of crude produced from the various shale formations of the United States.

Energy is a weapon in the hands of aggressors,” Perry said. “So I say, if energy is going to be used as a weapon, America should always have the largest arsenal. The arsenal of American energy will not, however, be used to bully other nations, but set them free.”

The comments were made during Perry’s speech at the summit hosted by the Texas Public Policy Foundation, a conservative think tank. For the entire speech, Perry made no mention of climate change.

As one could assume, Gov. Perry is a prominent promoter of lifting the current 40-year-old oil export ban. He also criticized the Obama administration on their handling of American energy litigation by claiming Obama “doesn’t like to drill for it, permit it or transport it.”

In addition, even though Perry mentioned Obama’s permitting of new drilling on federal lands, he roasted the president on his failure to approve the Keystone XL pipeline.

After six years, we have had enough of presidential dithering and debating, enough of coalition politics to appease a narrow base at the expense of the national interest,” Perry said. “Keystone will create thousands of jobs, reduce our reliance on hostile energy and show that this administration is finally serious about energy security.”

In regards to Russian aggression, The HBJ noted that fellow Republicans in the Texas Railroad Commission suspect that Russia could be behind various anti-fracking campaigns in the U.S. and Europe in attempts to limit energy production from their competitors. Most recently, the Denton, Texas fracking ban has been criticized for speculated funding by Russian interests.

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