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Clean Water, Wildlife & Parks kicks off tour to urge a yes vote on 5

Zachary Toliver | Shale Plays Media

On Tuesday, supporters of North Dakotans for Clean Water, Wildlife & Parks amendment appeared in Fargo and Grand Forks to kick off their statewide campaigning tour ahead of the November election.

“This is a very exciting day,” announced Steve Adair, Director of Operations for Ducks Unlimited of the Great Plains Region and chairman of the campaign. “It’s really grown into a broad, grass-roots effort across the state.”

Adair stated that the amendment, which will be Measure 5 on the North Dakota state election ballot, currently has 225 endorsements ranging from teachers to hunters. Sponsoring committee members and individual endorsers will be traveling to communities throughout North Dakota to talk about why the state’s conservation legacy is vital to their lives.

Four supporters of Measure 5 spoke at the rally in Fargo. Jennifer Kirkeby, a mother of three and owner of Flex Nutrition, said that “local businesses thrive when we can attract visitors,” and that this amendment can help solidify a “good economy that North Dakota deserves.”

Buel Sonderland, a hunter, expressed his concern for what could happen to his North Dakotan customs if regulation and conservation continue to lag behind the fast paced development of the state. “We’ve already lost over 2 million acres of grassland and CRP acres…Ten years from now will be too late.”

I am concerned that we will lose our outdoor traditions in North Dakota if we don’t begin to pay attention to the loss of habitat happening across the state.” Sonderland stated. “That’s why I am saying yes on 5; to protect our world-class fisheries and hunting opportunities that our sportsmen and women depend on.”

If passed, The North Dakotans for Clean Water, Wildlife & Parks measure would allocate five percent of the state’s oil and gas extraction tax revenue for conservation efforts throughout the state. The voluntary grant program would be administered by a citizen advisory board, the governor, attorney general and agriculture commissioner.

For more information on Measure 5, visit the Clean Water, Wildlife and Parks site here.

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