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Local landowner causes Halliburton sand plant delay

Lydia Gilbertson | Shale Plays Media Google+

Halliburton has been planning a trans-loading facility and frack sand plant outside of Richardton, North Dakota for around 2 years. The company had requested an area of 300 acres near I-94. However, one resident is delaying the plans due to his concerns about the facility affecting his property too much. Julian Zimmerman is accusing Halliburton of changing their initial building plans and wants to discuss these changes with the company. He refuses to let them develop his property until they have a meeting.

A project manager on the construction, Jamie Miller, says that the proposal took years to develop along with many discussions with BNSF rail company. A lack of communication between the company and the landowners in the area is the main culprit in the tabling of the facility.

Katherine Lymn reports:

“It’s frustrating. Halliburton needs to come and talk to me,” Zimmerman said.

Miller said the plans Zimmerman preferred two years ago were only conceptual.

“When we first had meetings with the city it was purely to get comment and feedback on what we were setting out in preliminary stages …” she said. “That wasn’t set in stone.”

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