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Oil patch developments moving along

Lydia Gilbertson | Shale Plays Media Google+

Williston has grown a lot since the fracking boom in North Dakota began a few years ago. Almost all of its infrastructure has required a rapid expansion. Recently, Williston has planned a new high school, a second fire station and an addition to its wastewater treatment plant.

These three projects are in the early development stages. The need for a second fire station is dire — the city’s population has doubled in the past three years. The city approved the project this week; It is estimated that it will be completed in about two years.

Williston is also building a second high school, the project broke ground this week. An estimated $57 million will go into the project. Currently, the district is using portable classrooms to keep up with the rapidly growing enrollment rate.

Plans for the wastewater treatment plant expansion are also moving forward.

The Associated Press reports:

“A $105 million expansion of the city’s wastewater treatment plant will be underway by the end of the month. Public Works Director Dave Tuan tells KXMC-TV that the plant currently can serve about 30,000 people, and the project will double that capacity when it’s completed in three years.”

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