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Energy panel asks $1B for infrastructure in ND

Lydia Gilbertson | Shale Plays Media Google+

The EmPower North Dakota Commission is a 16-member group that represents all of the energy sectors in North Dakota.  The commission is asking the state to invest nearly $1 billion dollars into roads, bridges and other infrastructure for the western part of the state.  A recent influx in population and industry in the area has caused great stress on the residents because the roads and housing that are required does not exist. The oil and gas industry’s presence is largely why the flood of new non-permanent residents came to the state. There have been a few special sessions to address these issues but no real resolution has been made.

Democrats in North Dakota asked the governor to hold a special session on needs in the oil-and-gas heavy cities earlier this year.  He stated he feels the state can already assist the area and refused to discuss the topic until Legislature convenes in 2015.

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