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Oil regulators: “They really do seem to be picking on us”

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Yesterday, the North Dakota Petroleum Council presented its study concerning the characteristics of Bakken crude to the Agricultural Commission. The Industrial Commission voted to schedule a hearing with the Department of Mineral Resources to gather input to help determine if steps are needed to reduce the volatility of Bakken crude at well sites following the presentation. The results of the study commissioned by the NDPC conducted by Turner, Mason & Co. suggests that Bakken crude is not different from any other light, sweet crude. Another study, conducted by the DOT Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration released earlier this year, suggests the opposite. Members of the NDIC were baffled by these results, claiming that it feels like they are being picked on by the DOT and the media concerning Bakken crude’s characteristics. The report also outlined the best practices for handling Bakken crude,  possibly making it less prone to explosions during transport and testing.

The Dickinson Press reports:

“I think they are painting a picture incorrectly that the world of crudes looks like this and Bakken is out here,” he [Dennis Sutton, Turner, Mason & Co.]said.

Petroleum Council Vice President Kari Cutting said she asked PHMSA if it had comparative data on Bakken and other forms of crude regarding volatility and flammability, “and they said, ‘Not at this time.’ ”

“It almost sounds like they’re trying to make something up,” Goehring said.

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