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BP’s appeals see more obstacles

Marissa Hall | Shale Plays Media

BP’s struggles in the courtroom are no secret. The legal aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon disaster has cost the company billions, and experts say there are only more obstacles to come. An article by Jennifer Larino for the New Orleans Times-Picayune lists four reasons why BP’s efforts are only going to see more setbacks.

1. The Supreme Court denied BP’s request to block settlement payments.

2. The lower courts have generally agreed with each other on class action law.

3. BP’s appeal isn’t compelling enough to urge quick action.

4. The Supreme Court is waiting to weigh in on future BP appeals.

All told, BP appears to be fighting a losing battle, but the company is already preparing to put millions of dollars more down in an attempt to obtain the outcome it is looking for.

For all the details on how each of these factors is impacting BP’s legal melee, see Larino’s full article: 4 reasons BP’s Supreme Court settlement appeal faces an uphill battle

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