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ND flares dimming

Lydia Gilbertson | Shale Plays Media Google+

North Dakota recently implemented a new flaring mandate that requires a certain amount of flared gas be captured in order to reduce the state’s methane emissions and wasted natural gas.  The state hopes to have reduced the flaring rate from 28 percent in the first quarter of 2014 to 26 percent this October. A recent report released by the North Dakota Industrial Commission shows that the state is on track to meet these goals as flaring rates have fallen since the new mandate passed. North Dakota has been under a lot of scrutiny for the amount of flaring the state allows since a space satellite photo was circulated showing that western North Dakota produced as much light as cities such as Minneapolis and Chicago.

KXNet Reports:

(Bruce Hicks/ ND Oil and Gas) “What’s happening is that the percent of flared gas is not only coming down, but the total volume of gas is coming down. So, we’re having an increase in production every month and we’re having a decrease in the total volume that’s being flared. And we’re hopeful that will continue on its way downward.”

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  1. So I’m actually going to have to use my headlights now?

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