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New NDIC Bakken Crude Study

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The North Dakota Industrial Commission is planning on doing a few more studies involving Bakken crude’s characteristics. Last May the commission backed a study completed by Turner, Mason and Company that was presented at the Williston Basin Petroleum Conference. The study is based off of 152 samples from 15 well sites and 7 rail stations.

The goal regarding this study is to discern what you get in a “Bakken barrel.”

KFYR Reports:

“The initial goal of the report was to try to create something like WTI, some set of parameters if you buy a Bakken Barrel or you haul a Bakken barrel in your truck or this is what’s in your pipe or this is what’s going to come in through the gate of your refinery,” says Lynn Helms of the Department of Mineral Resources.

This new extension on the existing study is also going to take a look at the oil conditioning process to develop crude safety practices even further. Oil conditioning is a process that separates gases and water from crude in order to make it less prone to explosions. North Dakota Department of Mineral Resources Director Lynn Helms believes that developing a model for conditioning Bakken crude would make it safer for transport.

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IDC to Review Crude Study

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