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Halliburton to start TV ad blitz to recruit workers

Sharon Dunn | The Greeley Tribune

The oil and gas services company Halliburton will begin a television advertising campaign Monday to celebrate its employees and find new ones.

The campaign is the first of its kind for the company in Colorado, and it will highlight the volunteer work that Halliburton employees do daily, especially during last fall’s flooding.

Halliburton, which provides many of the fracking crews on Weld County’s drilling pads, has 150 openings for employees in Colorado, and company officials see the campaign as a way to recruit that employment base in an increasingly competitive environment.

“We believe that if potential recruits know about the extraordinary people who already work for Halliburton in Colorado, we will be their first choice,” said Jim Brown, Denver-based president of the Western Hemisphere for Halliburton, in a statement to the company’s more than 1,900 employees this week.

The television ads will accompany a Colorado-specific website, halliburton.com/Colorado.

Robert Smith, CEO and president of Brighton Economic Development, said the campaign will be helpful in several ways to boost Halliburton’s employee base, but it also may be a healthy step for the oil and gas industry to tell its story rather than others defining it for them.

“Being in economic development work for years, I know the story and I always thought to myself, ‘You guys need to get out more in front of this,'” Smith said.

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Smith said Halliburton telling the stories of its employees and what they do for the community will fit that bill. The first ad highlights how Halliburton employees helped a family in Lyons dig out from the flooding last September.

“That’s the kind of stuff they do day in and day out,” Smith said. “The folks that work in the industry are your friends and neighbors. This will help to put more of a human face on those companies, and as opponents or detractors of industries tell the story, there’s a counterbalance that comes out.”

Halliburton recently expanded its facility in Fort Lupton with a $42 million addition. Fort Lupton officials credit the company for kick-starting a massive growth spurt for the tiny southern Weld County town.

Halliburton has been operating in Colorado since 1940, and has gone generational in their employee mix, Smith told the employees.

“For more than seven decades we have been an essential part of a vital industry for the state of Colorado. You can even find Halliburton employees today whose parents and grandparents worked for the company,” Brown wrote.