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Active shooter alert issued at Minot AFB (updated)

Shale Plays Media Staff Report

Update: The unauthorized entry was not an active shooter but a marine that ran the gate, though an active shooter alert was issued.

An unauthorized entry occurred on the Minot Air force Base this morning around 8:20am. The Minot AFB went on lock down until further notice around 8:30 am. The lock down was single-point of entry, at 100% ID check. The unauthorized entry was identified as SSGT Anthony Allen, USMC.

He was obtained and put under proper escort at around 9am. There has been no threat identified.

The Minot Air Force Base is located in Minot, ND in Ward County North Dakota. It is 13 miles north of the city of Minot. The base has a population of 5,521 which is down from 7,599 in the year 2000. The Minot AFB has two major wings: the 5th bomb wing and 91st Missile Wing.

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  1. I know you had the same first thought as me…that’s Albert Downs.

  2. Heard bout it like hundred other CRAZY things never used to hear bout ! God Bless ….

  3. This isn’t news lol! This kind of thing known as a “gate runner” happens more often than you would believe.

  4. Jake Hitt what kind of trouble were you!

  5. Ahh, the chairforce. Anything above slow buffer speeds and broken pencils is considered a high threat level.

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