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Radioactive waste regulations being carried out

Lydia Gilbertson | Shale Plays Media

Bismarck Tribune reporter Lauren Donovan reported today that recent inspections of oil and saltwater disposal wells found that companies have been adhering to new filter sock regulations.

Regulations put into place last spring carry a June 1st implementation date. They require companies to have special containers for filter socks on every site. This regulation was prompted by a string of radioactive disposal mishaps that connected certain oil companies with the illegal disposal of the radioactive product. Most recently, filter socks were found in a dumpster in Crosby, ND.

Lauren Donovan reports:

Oil and Gas Division inspectors check for compliance each month and so far, so good, though not all have been inspected yet, spokeswoman Alison Ritter said.

“Companies have been very diligent to make sure they have a container on site, when required,” she said.

An approved container should be in place at all 400-plus active saltwater disposal wells and at all oil wells during drilling and hydraulic fracturing, as ordered by the state Industrial Commission early this spring.

The issue of radioactive waste disposal in North Dakota is far from over. The oil and gas division has not completed its inspections at well-sites, and there is still nowhere to dispose of the waste in North Dakota. The motivation for the illegal dumping is the amount it costs to transport and dispose of the waste from the well-sites. There are still no real regulations on reporting and documentation of where the waste goes.

Donovan also reports that there will be new rules for the waste disposal out for public comment at the end of the month.

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