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The Soccket, manufactured by Uncharted Play, has the ability to generate usable electricity from game play. (Courtesy Photo: Uncharted Play)

Kicking energy in the ball: Power generating soccer ball illuminates life (video)

Zach Koppang | Shale Plays Media

In light of this year’s World Cup in Brazil, one company has set out to pack the sport’s spheres with technology able to illuminate plays being made on and off the soccer field.

The energy crisis is on the defense as children worldwide are introduced to the Soccket, a soccer ball that converts the kinetic energy of gameplay into usable power suited for illuminating the evening’s homework.

New York-based company Uncharted Play released the rolling power-plant November of last year. Their main objective is bouncing the product onto fields in undeveloped nations and communities, and has so far scored these goals in 62 countries, including all 50 states.

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Much like how a self-winding watch operates, the Soccket transforms kinetic energy into usable energy through a process called electromagnetic induction. The energy of every juke, every pass, header and game winning goal is transformed by a direct current generator into battery-stored power.


The balls’ innards are protected by a layer of foam, which increases durability without adding too much weight. The Soccket is only roughly two ounces heavier than a regulation sized soccer ball. Uncharted Play claims that the tough outer shell of the ball is able to field three years of play, compared to a conventional ball’s lifespan on rough fields of about a month.

Uncharted Play, being mindful of cultural differences, has also recognized that not all cultures allow boys and girls to play games together. So, while the boys are kicking their way to the pros, girls aren’t being left without power. Having witnessed many young girls playing with jump ropes, the company created The Pulse: a jump rope with the same type of energy producing technology located in the handles, creating roughly six hours of energy from 15 minutes of play.

Uncharted_Play_Pulse11Uncharted Play has taken their invention to Brazil this year during the FIFA World Cup with hopes of showing people that changing the world can be fun. They’re currently working with students in Brazil’s local favelas, or slums, with hopes of getting 10,000 people to try their ‘no-hands’ at a Soccket and maybe even creating a new class of social investors.

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