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Killdeer police chief resigns for oilfield job

Killdeer Police Chief Chris Fenstermaker has resigned his post for a higher-paying oilfield job.

Fenstermaker submitted his resignation at a Killdeer City Commission special meeting held June 12.

After working at the department for approximately five years, Fenstermaker said he’s leaving law enforcement for a safety position with an oilfield company. He didn’t say which company, but he will still reside in Killdeer.

Wednesday will be his last day as chief.

“I’m just excited for the change to see for myself how it is,” he said.

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  1. Ya do what ya gotta do.

  2. No he should stay at his low paying job and struggle thru life. NOT !!!!

  3. Good man. I’m supprised people care.

  4. Where do I sign up for the oil field job?

  5. He’s a safety man somewhere lol

  6. I ben up in killdeer to work stad in a man campe. It was ok I will work hit me up

  7. Make hay while the sun shines!

  8. It’s his decision so let him be !!

  9. Don’t blame him a bit!

  10. Same thing happens in education….

  11. When a man values the dollar more than people’s safety, it speaks volumes.

  12. Look what you voted for in Bismark,take a peek in the mirror,you vote for rep. in imperial Cass then wonder why they do not help western ND.Marty

  13. well when prices sky rocket you got to do whatever it takes to survive.

  14. Don’t go to the bar with him.

  15. He has to be able to make a living wage in this oil boom economy! Ironic that our city, state and county jobs don’t pay a living wage!

  16. You need to pay people if you want to keep them.

  17. I say he should follow the career path HE wants. Not what everyone else thinks. Good for him.

  18. Why the hell should he stay at min wage. compared to everyone else when he can make three times what he makes.

  19. I never look down on someone for tryin to better their lives.

  20. Probably went to mitchells. They fired everyone.

  21. Got to go where the money is, everything here is priced as if gold plated.

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