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Bakken Oil Express pipeline starts up July 1: Pipeline will connect Killdeer, Dickinson

By Katherine Lymn, The Dickinson Press

Bakken Oil Express’s crude oil pipeline between Killdeer and Dickinson will be operational July 1.

The 38-mile pipeline begins in Killdeer, collecting oil from trucks at a pumping station, and sends the crude south to BOE’s rail hub southwest of Dickinson.

“I would say construction is essentially complete,” BOE Chief Commercial Officer Mark Freed said Tuesday.

At 16 inches wide, the $14 million pipeline is the second-largest pipeline by diameter in North Dakota, he said. It can move up to 165,000 barrels a day.

BOE didn’t wait for commitment from shippers to get going.

“We gauged the market for shippers — both our rail shippers as well as producers — and felt that there was sufficient interest to just move forward and construct the pipeline,” Freed said.

While he wouldn’t disclose specific customers, Freed said there’s been overwhelming interest from big producers in Dunn and McKenzie counties.

The pumping station, just west of Killdeer on Highway 200, will allow for 10 trucks to unload at once, Freed said.

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“We think that there’s a very large radius of potential wells that fit into this pipeline,” Freed said, “and in particular it very much will allow not only our shippers to get trucks off the road during the winter months — when there’s restrictions and bad weather — but it also allows the trucking companies to be more efficient with their equipment,” without having to go all the way to Dickinson.

“To see less trucks on the road would be great,” said Dunn County Sheriff’s Department Sgt. Josh Chadbourn. “It holds up traffic.”

The Public Service Commission approved the project in December.

During the application process, PSC Chairman Brian Kalk commended the company’s 24/7 monitoring station in Killdeer, with flow meters and shutoff valves in case of a leak.

Kalk was also favorable to the amount of truck traffic the line would take off the road.

The line’s capacity is equal to that of 825 tanker trucks, which hypothetically would otherwise carry the oil to Dickinson, according to BOE’s siting application with the PSC.

“It would clean up the road a lot,” Chadbourn said.

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